Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About people living on traffic

I read the article about people living on the traffic in Mexico City. I think this is very odd. This families live in bad conditions and their children can't have a normal childhood. I feel sorry for people who has this type of life. It is very difficult, they have to do all the same things every day, like stay on the hot sun and sell things or clean the cars. These families have difficult lives but i hope that they will gain enough profit to provide good life education for their children.

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Bundeena is small town of the South Sydney in the Royal National Park opposite Cronulla by water. Bundeena is located in Port Hacking.

This village is very quiet. Some people have holiday homes there, some people live there. Many people who live there are interested in Art, because Bundeena has many places and very beautiful areas for painting a picture. There are a few beaches and great tracks thought the bush. Many people spend their weekend and holiday fishing, swimming and bushwalking.

There are wild and natural flora and fauna, but there are many deer’s. When you go in the bush you can have a look many wild birds, animals and lizards. If you are lucky you can see an echidna.

Bundeena’s history is very old and interesting. Dharawal aboriginal people who lived there a long time ago (probably 30000) carving on the rock animals like kangaroos, whales and sting rays.


Emile was born in city Nottingem. It’s famous because Robin Good from this city. Emile is ESOL-teacher in St.George Coolidge in Kogarah. He’s father moved to many different towns. After school Emile travelled different country, which Nepal, Thailand, India. He worked with team of Mather Teresa. It was very interesting. He likes India, but his mother is from Gahanna, Sth America. His father is English.
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About our springs holyday

About our springs holyday
It was really great time. We stayed in the our friends home in the Pearl Beach. There is after Palm Beach across water. I took some photos from this house.
We had a trip along coast from the Woy Woy to the Nelson Bay. We have seen many beautiful places and we had enjoyments from this trip. There was the old ship in the Newcastle. I took some photos.
In the Nelson Bay we took an excursion by ship to watch dolphins. The ship has a net where somebody, who is creasy, had swum, because the water was 18 degrees, and weather was 20 degrees. Next day was warmer and we had swum. Near ramp fish men cleaned a fish and some pelicans wait something for eat from fish men and open their beaks. It was amusing. You can see it.
We were in the Anna Bay where we had 4W-driving on the sends, my husband get away air from cars wheels. This beach is very popular with 4W-drivingers and fish men.
I think anybody had a great holyday.

My holiday in the Central Coast.

our excursion to the Jibbon Beach

My life

My look on flowers